You are welcome at GBC! 

We are a multi-ethnic international church in the buzzing city of Rotterdam. A church where we want to welcome people from all walks of life around the Word of God.

We offer services both for Christians and anyone who is interested in exploring Christianity. Scroll down to find out more.

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Sunday Service

Grace Bible Church is a new English speaking church which will have regular Sunday services in the future. We are still working to  build the church to be ready to have regular services in the future. At this moment we do offer some courses on Sunday's.  We encourage you to join our meetings during the week; Discipleship Group and Xplore.

Courses held on Sunday:

Starting at 14:30 p.m

Almeria-Erf 8 Rotterdam.

Attention: Entrance back of the building. GSR school.

Newcomers group

If you have any questions about GBC, contact us, or visit a weekly meeting. In the future we will have newcomers group once we start with our sunday services, not available at this moment

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Image by Mael BALLAND

Explore Christianity?

If you have questions about life and are interested in what Christians believe, join our Xplore Groups. We offer free courses such as Life Explored and Christianity Explored. Find out why Jesus came and what it means to follow Him. 

Join a group to grow

If you desire to grow your faith together, we offer as for now three type of groups to join:

1.  Discipleship Group: 

They meet 2 times a month. 

This group encourages you to reflect and take action on your faith in God and how you follow Him daily. This is also an accountability group.

2.   Xplore Groups

They meet 2 times a month.

This groups comes this group offers courses for those who seek answers in life. This is for both Christians and non-Christians. Great opportunity to invite your friends who may have questions about Christianity. 

3.  Bible Study Groups

Deepen your knowledge of God's Word to know God better. 

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